Art Created From Pain

Earlier this summer I learned that an acquaintance from college broke off an eight year long relationship with her boyfriend. I was shocked and saddened. While this person and I are not friends, she is a kind and well-meaning person, therefore I could sympathize. Such a sudden change in support system, one that accompanied her through such a long and highly transformative portion of her life, must have been difficult to face. She has taken to social media more than usual, I assume as a method to move forward. She must have her own prescription set up.

Anyway she started writing poetry as a means of healing. Every time I see her poems I am moved to write my own poems. Unfortunately I get stuck on what to write about. I love to write poetry that is dark, eerie, and soul-searching. This is not an easy thing – I need to be in the accurate headspace to achieve those types of tones and mood.

It shouldn’t be that way. I should not need to be in a bad place in my life to create the type of poetry I enjoy writing. So, this post is more of a self-encouragement to try to sit down and just try writing. Do not let the writing block stop you from releasing the bubbling yearning of putting poetry on paper.



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